Moving to Colombia AFTER 10 DAYS? Dating Colombian Women

There are many arguments for moving to Barranquilla, the biggest being its abundance of beautiful Colombian women.

The low cost of living in Colombia is another benefit causing passport bros to consider moving to South America. A comfortable life in Barranquilla is incredibly affordable, especially if you’re going to be living in Colombia as a foreigner.

However, you yourself don’t need to live in Colombia to enjoy the same benefits that the many expats living abroad do. There are many other expats in Colombia who are simply enjoying South America travel on their vacation.

A large fraction of them are passport bros – a tribe of men dating beyond borders in search of love and marriage with Colombian women.

Many of these foreign guys dating in Colombia recognize that Barranquilla has a surplus of single Latinas seeking marriage, and they come with the intention of balancing the scale.

The unfortunate truth is, there just aren’t enough Latino guys ready for a serious Colombian girlfriend, so many Latinas are looking beyond borders to guaranty a match.

Luckily, Latina cupids are available to help foreign men meet Colombian women and vice versa. Doubling as a Colombian travel guide, Barranquilla matchmakers organize speed dating events attended by hundreds of Colombian girls eager to find a better bachelor.

A high value man seeking a Colombian girlfriend knows better than to sit and wait for a high value woman to come to him all the way from Barranquilla. Colombian women are easy to impress, but they also dream of love connections with men who – besides being respectful and loyal – are willing to travel to South America to court them.

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