Why Asking the Right Questions Matters

A photo of a foreign man with his Barranquilla girlfriend. Know the right questions to ask and the questions to avoid when conversing with a woman from Barranquilla.

When engaged in conversation with a date, it is essential that you both ask each other questions. This goes without saying, but exchanging questions and building rapport will determine whether you two are compatible to last for a long time. It is even more essential that you ask proper questions.

You need to mentally prepare certain questions for the sake of knowing the important things. Make sure these questions are decent and proper so she’ll be comfortable answering them. Just as important, also be sure to avoid certain questions. Once again, make sure she will be comfortable answering it, so never ask questions that can make her feel uncomfortable.

One thing to also note is to ask her open-ended questions as much as possible. Questions like those can lead to follow-up questions and those make the conversation be more engaging instead of simply asking yes-or-no questions. The latter kind of interrogative approach is fine, but focus more on the former. It will make her feel like you really are interested in getting to know her.

Ideal Questions to Ask

A major piece of dating tip anyone will give you is to ask the right questions, and that in itself sounds like a simple endeavor, but every once in a while you can slip out a negative query that can make the conversation awkward or even worse, turn her off. You do not want this. When dating in Colombia, be sure to follow the right protocol when asking questions.

Here are some example questions that you can use. Feel free to expand upon these if necessary.

  • What do you love about your city? - Asking this question will not only make her think you’re interested in her, but it will also make her believe you also care for her city. The women of Barranquilla, Colombia, feel pride when talking about their city. They know of the things they have had to go through to be what it is today, and today it is a fine city. They are proud of that. Asking this question will set off a spark in her and you will witness how passionate she is about her city. It’s just a lovely sight to behold altogether.
  • Tell me about your family. - Asking about her family will give you a glimpse of her upbringing. Knowing how her parents raised her and her relationship with her siblings, such things will give you bits of information about her childhood. Asking this will also give her the satisfaction of reminiscing, which is a pleasure for her. Be sure not to take it too far though, as she might see some aspects of her family life being too personal.
  • What is your ideal man? - Never forget to ask her what her ideal man is. Asking her this will make her feel like YOU want to be or will try to be the ideal man for her. It’s a subtle implication of your willingness to be the right man for, and she will appreciate that.

Questions to Avoid Asking

Now that you have an idea on which questions you should ask, it is just as important that you’re aware of which questions you should not ask. Saying the right things will drive her away and that is the last thing you want. Be mindful of these things.

  • How much money do you make? - This is an insensitive question and it will make her think you’re all about the money or are way too cheap. When dating in Colombia, single women are aware of their appeal to foreign men. This can have controversial financial implications if you choose to look at it negatively, so it is simply safer to just avoid this question altogether.
  • Do you find me hot? - Asking such questions will only point towards your narcissism and no woman wants that. Be sure to keep in mind not asking too many questions about you throughout the entire night. Ask questions about her. Make the date all about her. Don’t be self-centered.
  • Why are you still single? - This question is way too overused, probably every single woman in the world has been asked this question and you don’t want to add to that.
  • Do you want to just go to my place? - If you want a Colombian girlfriend, it is imperative that you avoid this. This question will only expose your intentions, and it’s something you should never ask your date. No matter if she’s been throwing you hints all night, or if your mutual interest is obvious, you still should not ask this question. After you send her home, kiss her goodnight, and leave. If it’s the other way around, you’ve sent her home and she’ll ask if you want to come up to her place, then that’s fine. Just don’t initiate that first, especially on the first date. The Colombian culture is still particularly traditional, and they respect intimacy but most women want it to be merited.

Marrying a Colombian woman is one of the best things that can happen to a man, but before that can happen, you need to go on a date first. Asking the right or wrong questions will determine how that date will go, so make sure you don’t make a mistake in that area. This is the first step, make sure it runs smoothly by adhering to what you’ve just read here. Good luck.

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