Barranquilla Marriage Culture Facts

Bride and groom dancing Understand the Colombian culture in marriage before you tie the knot with a Barranquilla woman!

Through the years, Colombian culture has evolved and has adapted to the modern-day approach. It can be noticed that Colombians are getting more open of the western traditions, and some are already being applied in their lives. However, although the Colombians are now being more free-spirited than ever, it still can’t be denied that they still preserve their traditions, especially in marriage.

If you have been into one of the Catholic weddings, the process is just the same. The ceremony usually takes place in a church, and there will be objects that will be used as symbols of the union, such as the las arras and the candles. These symbols are really important in the Colombian wedding traditions and customs. The las arras, or the gold coins, are given to the bride by the groom as his way of saying “what is mine is now yours.” It is then followed by the lighting of candles. The bride and the groom light their own candle then they use it to light the third candle. They blow out their own candles and they leave the third one lit. This means that they are now joined as one.

Yet Colombians have practices that make the Colombian wedding traditions unique. One is that instead of having a maid of honor and a best man, they have godparents, who are still chosen by the bride and groom and will serve as their personal counselors. So a godparent must be prepared to be part of the people who get things done for the bride and groom. Another activity that shows the uniqueness of Colombian wedding traditions is that the groom serenades the bride before the ceremony. This should be a surprise, but then it has been a tradition for years now, so this is expected to happen. Also, before the ceremony, the bridal shower happens. Not like what we usually know that happens the night before. In Colombia, it happens an hour before the wedding takes place. The mother of the bride gives her gifts for her new home; sometimes things made of silver for the couple. You can say that even before the ceremony begins, lots of fun activities have already started.

These are just some of the Colombian wedding traditions. There are a lot more in other areas. For example, in Barranquilla, some weddings end the night with a party—la hora loca. This dance party with people wearing colorful masks and costumes has been a trend nowadays. If you dream of marrying a Barranquilla woman, there is a great chance that you will be able to experience this too.

Why Latin Brides Are Ideal Lifetime Partners

A man together with one of the Barranquilla women Discover the qualities that make Barranquilla women desirable brides!

Barranquilla women are among the most sought-after brides not just in Latin America but all over the world. That is true, and the proof is that a lot of foreign men have been tying the knot with Barranquilla women.

If you have experienced dating in Barranquilla, you probably already have known, or even have a list, of the outstanding qualities of Barranquilla women and why they make the ideal lifetime partners. If you haven’t and you don’t have an idea but still want to pursue these women, we encourage you to read further.

Barranquilla women grew up to be taught by their parents to cherish their partner. They have understood at a very young age that they will be married soon and build their own families just like their parents. Hence they have kept on making themselves worthy of being wives to their future husbands. They put their families first, no matter what. They believe that whatever happens a family will always be a family, and that is their most precious treasure. They also uphold their traditions because they know that this is what makes them who they are. Note that Colombians are very proud of their culture and heritage, so Barranquilla women are no different. They also see their parents as their models, and thus they grow up to be faithful partners, just like what their parents taught them about loyalty and love.

With this being said, it is no doubt that Barranquilla women will always be there for their partners from dating to marriage and for their future children. They will prioritize you, and will not exchange you for anything else. If you have been dreaming of having someone to have and to hold for the rest of your life, then a woman with these characteristics is what you need.

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