Barranquilla, Colombia | Essential Travel Tips

An aerial photo of Barranquilla city. Barranquilla is a gorgeous place and no one should overlook this city when visiting Colombia. Know more about the city here.

The city of Barranquilla, Colombia, is admittedly not the first thing that comes to mind when talking about Colombian tourism. There are a lot of cities in Colombia that are more popular globally. Some people fail to consider Barranquilla as a destination. The city is actually full of beauty and wonder, both in places and people, and if you are thinking of visiting Colombia, then Barranquilla should be on your list. And if you do, take note of these travel tips.

Barranquilla is relatively cheaper in terms of hotel and travel rates compared to its more prominent neighbors, so this is definitely a place you should visit in Colombia if you are traveling on a budget. It is highly recommended that you commute around the city instead of renting a car because car rentals in Barranquilla can be quite pricey. Besides, riding buses, taxis, and public transportation cars are not only considerably cheaper, but they are also good opportunities to talk to the locals and learn more about the city. The people here do not receive as many foreign visitors, but they always welcome them with warm smiles and genuine hospitality.

Another travel tip you should remember is to try the street food. Especially after a night of partying and drinking. The street food culture in Barranquilla is booming, and they have a lot of unique and tasty food that you should try.

Make sure to visit the city in the summer, or just avoid going there during the rainy seasons. The city of Barranquilla has progressed over the years, but the sewer network there is still in progress. You can still go around, but you will appreciate the city more if you can manage to walk around without discrepancies. Better yet, visit during the carnival season. Barranquilla’s festival is considered to be the biggest in Colombia. It is during this time that people all around the city, and even foreigners, flock to the city. Be sure to book your accommodations ahead of time.

If you are looking to meet people in this beautiful city, learn how to speak Spanish. Learn enough to get around and make conversation. Most inhabitants of Barranquilla speak little to no English. If you are looking for a woman to meet and date while you are here, they will find it more impressive and appreciate it more if you know how to speak their language.

Things to Do in Barranquilla, Colombia

There are a lot of things to do, and a lot of things to see in Barranquilla. The city is full of life and pleasures, and you will certainly have a perfectly good time here if you know where you’re going. Plan out your trip when vacationing in Barranquilla, and you will certainly want to come back here again. Here are a couple of things to see and do in this city.

  • Carnival of Barranquilla. This is one of the main reasons why people visit this city, so be sure you don’t miss out on this too. The Carnival of Barranquilla is the biggest carnival in all of Colombia and the second biggest in the world. This grand celebration of folklore and culture goes on for four days. The festival is so massive that normal activities in the city stop because the streets, and everywhere else, are way too busy. The slogan of the carnival is “quien lo vive, es quien lo goza,” which means “those who live it are those who enjoy it,” and it certainly shows on the celebration.
  • El Museo del Caribe. The Museum of the Caribbean is the first regional museum in Colombia. This place shows off the history of the Caribbean part of Colombia and exhibits their wonderful cultures and historical artifacts. Stepping foot in this museum really does give you a glimpse into the past, and it’s a place you should visit when in Barranquilla.
  • Surfing. The beaches in Barranquilla, Colombia, are home to some of the finest wave breaks in the world. All year round is a good time to surf in Barranquilla. Though not that well known in the surfing world, there are some spots in the country that are absolutely breathtaking for surfing enthusiasts.
  • Zoologico Barranquilla. The Barranquilla Zoo houses over 100 different kinds of species and over 500 animals. The place has very diverse wildlife, and some animals that are in it are extremely rare to see anywhere. Rare animals like the white tiger reside in this zoo, and the public can watch and learn about the animals as they walk through the amazing scenery.
  • Nightlife. The nightlife in Barranquilla is also fairly active. In fact, the streets at night are riddled with dance music and women dancing. The women at these hours rarely interact with men though. You are better off going up to Barranquilla women during the day, as during nighttime they mostly focus on spending time and dancing all night with their girlfriends. Be sure to put on your dancing shoes, you may catch the dance bug that swarms the atmosphere of Barranquilla during nighttime.

Considering all that, it’s hard to believe that Barranquilla is such an overlooked city in the Colombia tourism scene. It’s a place where you can find destinations to frequently travel to, and find love amongst the beautiful women that reside in it. There are so many things to do in Colombia, be sure to remember Barranquilla during your next vacation.

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