200 Colombian Women in 1 Week?! Passport Bros Dating Tip💲

Passport bros debate MGTOW on whether modern women in the West still want marriage – a debate going beyond Colombian women vs American women.

Even in Canada and much of Europe, passport bros hate what’s become of their local dating scenes.

According to vocal passport bros, Colombia – which is in the Western hemisphere – is filled with Latinas seeking loving marriages. Though modern women in Colombia are just as empowered as their northern neighbors, dating in the magic city of Barranquilla remains more of a collaboration between the sexes rather than a competition.

While there’s no shortage of Latina women hoping to become somebody’s Colombian wife, there unfortunately is a shortage of Latinos interested in monogamy enough to even have a Barranquilla girlfriend.

If you’ve seen how beautiful Colombian women are, it’ll be hard to believe that many Barranquilla girls have been wronged by disloyal guys. But such is the sad truth of dating in Colombia.

Despite the stereotypes you may have heard about dating a Latina, Colombian women are easy to get along with, actually – which only makes it curiouser how these hot Barranquilla women seem to have to seek a better bachelor by dating beyond borders.

Regardless, dating in South American culture is traditionally marriage oriented, and a vast number of single Colombian women still observe this way of life. So, if a Colombiana looks beyond local guys when searching for seriousness, dating a Barranquilla woman may be right for passport bros seeking the same. Working with a local Latina cupid in Barranquilla may be the first step in finding your future bride.

Thankfully, passport bros’ reaction to dating Colombian women is overwhelmingly positive. Whether by design or dumb luck, many from this tribe of men end up marrying a Colombian lady and even living in Barranquilla for the remainder of their days.

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