Barranquilla Colombia | Understanding Their Family Culture

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Colombian culture is more than just its colorful buildings; it’s also its unique family dynamics.

Barranquilla may not be the most well-known city in Colombia, but those who are familiar with it or have been to the city will tell you that Barranquilla, Colombia is one of the most grounded of all the major cities in the country in terms of culture and behavior. The people in Barranquilla are known to be very friendly, smiling, welcoming, and hospitable. The way they treat their families is incredibly lovely too.

Of course, it’s already part of Colombian culture to love one’s family, but Barranquilla seems to take this to a whole new level. Family values that are practiced in Colombia are ever-present among the families in Barranquilla. If you are to meet a woman from this city, you will come to realize and appreciate how much she places great importance on the essence of family. Now, who wouldn’t want to settle down with someone who has that kind of adherence and dedication when it comes to family? With that said, here are a couple of things that you should know about the family culture in Barranquilla, Colombia.

Most Colombian households consist of extended families.

Most of the time, a household in Barranquilla doesn’t just consist of a father, mother, and their children, but grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins will most likely be part of the picture as well. The family dynamic in Barranquilla is not just exclusive to the main family, but it also mostly includes relatives from the first and second degree.

Women have no problem with being housewives.

Colombian women aim to reach for the stars and have their own career paths, but a lot of them also love the idea of being the keeper of the home and being close to their children as they grow up. The fathers are mostly the breadwinners of the family and the mothers are the ones who help maintain the essence of a family home.

When guests are invited to one’s home, they will be treated like family.

Guests are always treated with a warm welcome in Colombian households. They are served with the best meals and their comfortability is of the highest importance. The hospitality of Colombians is something a lot of people already know about, but to experience it first hand is incredibly heartwarming. If you are to start your own family with a Colombian woman in the future, be prepared to be part of this endearing practice.

Going to church is part of their way of life.

Among the many facts about Barranquilla Colombia is that Roman Catholicism continues to play a major role in almost every family household. Thus, going to church is one of the most important activities that families in Barranquilla do together. Whether you are religious or not, the churches in Barranquilla will surely enlighten you. Every Sunday, Colombian families go to church and pray together as a family.

Separation among families is very rare.

Although divorce is legal in Colombia, it is incredibly uncommon due to most Colombians being devout Catholics. This is mostly where the loyalty of Colombian women comes from. At a young age, they have witnessed their parents being faithful and supportive to each other through thick and thin. Best believe your future Latina wife will do the same for you without question.

Dating in Barranquilla is indeed one of the best experiences you can have in Colombia. If you want to have a stable and loving family in the future, consider marrying a woman from this notable city! Luckily for you, you can easily and conveniently meet one before making your visit. You can sign up on our site and begin searching for an ideal match among the many beautiful Latinas of Barranquilla, Colombia!

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