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Colombian foods
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Whenever you find yourself in the city of Barranquilla, knowing what delectable Colombian foods to eat is just as important as knowing where to find a good woman to date.

There are a lot of men who are not all that good at meeting women in person, so some of them turn to several online dating sites. Even then, when a connection has been made and interactions have taken place, most men fall short in terms of planning for a face-to-face meetup.

The Barranquilla dating scene involves a lot of Colombian culture. From famous traditional dishes to salsa dancing bars and clubs all throughout the country, there really is no shortage of fun things to do when you’re dating a beautiful Latina.

As such, whether you’re in it to meet single ladies or have a taste of Colombian cuisine, now is your chance to get out there and explore the many dishes and recipes that are just waiting to make you fall in love.

Enjoying food with someone you’re romantically interested in is not just encouraged, it’s expected. Breaking bread over a Colombian meal is just part of what couples do on a regular basis.

Now, dating in Colombia involves a lot of eating, especially since the food is incredibly delicious.

Sure, there may be a handful of people out there who can go without enjoying a savory meal because of some type of condition, but those people are few and far in between, and the chances of you or your date being one of those people are pretty slim.

Then again, eating is only part of the equation. Food is an important part of a date as well, and it may even be the most important part. Other parts include the setting, the conversations, and the mood.

But yes, the choices of food available at a certain restaurant or establishment are going to be important. Luckily, Colombia has a pretty wide array of dishes to eat while out on a date.

As a bonus feature, Colombian women are not going to complain about the food being too good or too satisfying because most of them absolutely love their local dishes, as well as those from any other region of Colombia. All you have to do is know which foods are best enjoyed whether you’re on a date with a lovely Latina or spending the night at home with her.

So here are some of the best Colombian dishes that you can never go wrong with:

  1. Bandeja Paisa

    This is the national dish of Colombia. Generally served on a platter, it is composed of white rice, red beans, pork, ground meat, fried eggs, plantains, chorizo, chicharon, black pudding, avocado, and lemon. It is necessary to have this dish served on a tray or a platter because of the sheer amount of ingredients that go into its preparation.

  2. Arepa

    Most meals generally come with some sort of side dish. That’s how most meals work. Burgers come with fries or onion rings, and steaks come with mashed potatoes or vegetables. At least that’s how it generally is in most restaurants.

    Likewise, Colombia has a staple side dish that you can eat as part of any meal. It is a cornmeal-based flatbread that can be stuffed with cheese, meat, avocado, or deviled ham spread.

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  4. Coffee

    Like with almost any other food, you will need a drink to wash down whatever you ate. There are plenty of drinks and beverages in Barranquilla, but the entire country is famous for one drink in particular, and a visitor would be remiss not to at least sample it should he find himself visiting the country.

    The drink in question is, of course, coffee, and Colombia is famous pretty much all over the world for having some particularly good coffee. So coffee snobs will probably find their own little slice of heaven in the country.

    Sure, you could probably down some hot chocolate or something like that, but coffee is what Colombia is famous for.

  5. Fritanga

    Now, for something that is quite hearty and also a little sweet, there is the fritanga. It is a dish made with a lot of meat and plantains. The dish is not served with forks or spoons or any of the traditional utensils.

    Instead, the dish is eaten with the use of a toothpick, like finger food at a fancy party. Prick the piece you want and put it into your mouth. It’s as simple and uncomplicated as that.

  6. Arroz Con Pollo

    This dish is pretty close to paella, and is part of South America’s part ties with Spain. It is made with seasoned rice, spices, and chicken. There is also some debate as to whether this dish was first made in Puerto Rico or Spain.

    But regardless of where it originated, the fact of the matter is that it is something that you can enjoy anywhere in Colombia.

  7. Bunuelo

    A lot of the foods mentioned so far are ones that are usually eaten as meals, but not everyone wants to sit down to eat every time they want to be with a person who has the potential to become their significant other. They may, however, want to nibble on a little something while they are together.

    Colombia has no shortage of snacks. One type of snack that is pretty popular is the Buñuelo, which is a fried dough fritter that is not entirely dissimilar to a donut hole.

  8. Patacones

    Another dish you can enjoy with a Colombian woman is the famous patacones, which are pancakes made of green bananas, a fruit that particularly abounds in the region.

    Food is essential in life. There are not that many people who are going to argue that food is not something that is essential to the enjoyment of life and the continued living of it in general. Food is also important in dating.

    Dating Colombian women in Barranquilla can mean sampling a wide array of Colombian foods. So best familiarize yourself with their recipes and dishes as you look forward to enjoying them in the company of a beautiful Latina.

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