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International dating has become a widely accepted trend nowadays. However, dating someone from a different culture has its own quirks and challenges too. Understanding cultural differences goes a long way to winning the heart of your beloved. Ladies appreciate a gentleman who has the sensitivity and initiative of knowing her culture---this is a good way for a man to show his sincerity toward the woman he is pursuing.

Colombian women are among the most sought-after and desirable foreign women to date. These women have exquisite faces, curvaceous bodies, and warm personalities. They are also very caring and affectionate to their men, thus making them more appealing and ideal for any single foreign man searching for true love and marriage.

Colombian women also love to dance! Caribbean entertainment won’t be complete without a sultry Colombian lady to dance with; surely, she will enthrall you with her sexy dance moves. Dedicated, affectionate, and beautiful: Colombian women are a complete package and it is no wonder why men all over the world want to marry them.

Barranquilla is home to some of the most stunning women in the world. Barranquilla is considered as the Golden Gate of Colombia because it is a major trading port city, pioneering commercial aviation and technology in Colombia. Barranquilla is an industrial city and has significantly contributed to Colombia’s economy. However, it is not just a modern metropolitan city; it is also home to many beautiful and marriage-minded women. Barranquilla beauties are a mix of various ethnicities, giving Barranquilla ladies their uniquely exotic looks you can’t find elsewhere.

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Dating Etiquette in Barranquilla

It is important to be mindful of the dating etiquettes whenever we date someone from a different culture. When dating a Barranquilla lady, you must be familiar with her traditions and culture to impress her. Here are some important things to remember when dating a Barranquilla woman:

  • A little Español goes a long way. Although Barranquilla is a major industrial hub in Colombia, many Barranquilla girls are not fluent in English. When meeting a Barranquilla woman, it’s certainly an advantage to brush up on your Spanish vocabulary. She will appreciate and find it endearing. You will not only improve your foreign language skills, but also melt the heart of your beautiful Barranquilla lady!
  • Slow and steady is the name of the game. You have to go on a couple dates with a Barranquillera before she can consider a serious relationship with you. Barranquilla ladies highly expect to be courted before she will say yes. Many Barranquilla women have remained traditional and they want to prove a man's sincerity toward her. It takes time, consistency, and genuine efforts to win the hearts of Barranquilla women; surely, it's all worth it because they are loyal, affectionate, and very committed on top of that.
  • Be a romantic gentleman. Latino women love to be courted by a true gentleman. These ladies are raised in a traditional dating culture where men are expected to be romantic and reverent. Holding her hand, opening doors, paying for dates, bringing her flowers, and taking her for a romantic stroll in their lovely parks are sure-fire ways to impress her. Let your Barranquilla lady feel like royalty!
  • Appreciate her people and culture. Barranquilla folks take pride in their culture. In fact, Barranquilla hosts the Carnaval de Barranquilla, one of the grandest carnivals in the world. Every year, thousands of people and tourists visit the city to participate in the festival. It also pays to know a thing or two about the literary icon Gabriel Garcia Marquez, pop star Shakira, and actress Sofia Vergara; these are some of the most notable people hailing from this city. Your Barranquilla lady will surely feel honored and impressed with your knowledge of Barranquilla history and culture!
  • Be warm and affectionate. Barranquilla girls, like the sunny Caribbean paradise they’re living in, are warm, touchy, and affectionate. They enjoy hugs, kisses, and lots of sweet gestures and affection. Thus, never be afraid to be expressive with her! Just remember to keep it appropriate and proper to maintain respect amidst great sweetness.
  • Be generous. It is important for a Barranquilla woman to know that her man can take care of and provide for her. So when you go out together, be generous and treat her right. Take her out to nice restaurants and fun dancing clubs, tip the waiters well, and pay for her ride home. Generous men are always attractive!

Dating Deal Breakers for Barranquilla Women

  • Flirting with other women. Barranquilla women are very loyal and take romantic relationships seriously. In line with this, they expect their partners to do the same. She will be turned off if you flirt with other women while pursuing her. Show your sincerity and loyalty to her and she will be very faithful to you as well.
  • Disrespecting her family. Barranquilla ladies consider family members as the most important people in their lives. Family ties are very strong and they hold on to their family heritage and traditions. When dating a Barranquilla woman, it’s very important to be on your best behavior and showing utmost respect to her family. In fact, it is not uncommon to find single Barranquilleras accompanied by relatives when going out! Impressing her family also means impressing your gorgeous Barranquilla lady.
  • Making fun of her culture. Barranquilla has preserved its rich cultural traditions and historical heritage, even if it has been exposed to foreign influences due to its being an international trading hub in Colombia. Many Barranquilla attractions and notable people are known worldwide; Barranquilla folks are greatly proud of these. Appreciate her culture the way she sees it and she will surely love you for that
  • Bringing up sex too soon. Although many Barranquilla girls are touchy and affectionate, you still have to maintain boundaries. Sex too soon, too fast is a HUGE deal breaker for them. Barranquilla ladies are into love and long-term commitment, not short-term flings. Bringing up sex too early in a relationship can turn her off.
  • Lack of commitment. Don’t be flaky when dating Barranquilla women. She will expect consistency and commitment from you throughout the entire relationship. Show up on dates, be consistent with communication, and when you promise to do something, back it up not just with words, but also with actions. Barranquilla women are in for the long-haul and are guaranteed to be the most committed, caring, and devoted partners there can be.

Date Ideas for Barranquilla Women

  • Eat (or cook!) Colombian food together. There’s no shortage of really good food in Barranquilla! Barranquilla also boasts of its abundant fresh seafood, empanadas, various local fruits, and Colombian cheese. From street food stalls around the plaza, gourmet restaurant dishes, to home-cooked Colombian meals, you’ll never run out of tasty options!
  • Visit the parks and historical spots. Barranquilla has a lot of vintage churches, museums, forts, and historical buildings that have been preserved throughout the city. You will not only learn more about Barranquilla’s history and culture, but these places also happen to be very romantic too!
  • Don't miss out on the Carnaval. Barranquilla holds an annual city-wide festival called Carnaval de Barranquilla, one of the grandest festivals in Latin America. Expect non-stop, 24/7 partying for four days with lots of Caribbean food, music, parades, and entertainment.
  • Go dancing! Apparently, the easiest way to befriend a Barranquilla woman is to go dancing salsa with her. Salsa dancing is customary in Barranquilla, and Hispanic women have a hard time saying ‘no’ to them! Barranquilla’s streets play salsa music every day in practically every corner, and you’ll have plenty of chances to ask your girl out dancing.
  • Enjoy their lively nightlife. Barranquilla has a vibrant nightlife. After a day’s work, you can grab a beer and drinks at a tienda -- streetside stores where they put up tables, chairs, and some salsa music, or you can hang around in more upscale bars called discotecas. Everyone is open to meeting and dancing with everyone in discotecas, and these are great places to meet and make friends with foreigners and locals alike.

Barranquilla ladies are sociable, approachable, and welcoming to foreigners and tourists. You won’t have a hard time dating a Barranquilla girl, so long as you take the time and effort to learn her culture, get acquainted with her family, and show consistency and sincerity toward her. Exquisite, charming, and virtuous: winning a Barranquillera’s heart is both fun and worth all your effort, so don’t hesitate to date one now! Find a date within the borders of Latin America now and learn to find love in Colombia’s golden gate!

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