Avoiding Failure While Dating Colombian Women

Two Colombian women smiling to the camera.
Dating Colombian women will come with challenges, especially when you’re a foreigner. That is, if you come unprepared.

What’s not to love about Colombia?

The country is full of breathtaking scenery, rich cultural history, and of course, beautiful, sexy Colombian women.

Yes, you read that right – sexy! These women are not ashamed to show off their feminine side, either. They can be feisty and elegant at the same time, a feat that not a lot of other women are able to pull off.

Aside from a beautiful face and luscious body, these ladies have unique personalities to top it all off. So why do some foreign men shy away from these highly sought-after women?

Well, with all those assets, it’s no surprise that even dating one is no easy task – that is if you come unprepared.

Like all the women you have encountered, Colombian girls are, in a way, similar. They have their needs, preferences, and of course, feelings. This is what makes them hard to get. Not only will you have to figure out their preferences, but you also have to know what to avoid altogether to successfully win one’s heart.

Then there’s Colombian culture.

While it’s a blessing to learn about their culture, it can be quite a shock for some first timers. Culture is what divides people all over the world. It differentiates us in a way that it gives us a unique identity.

Unfortunately, however, it is this very same barrier that makes it hard for foreign men to meet Colombian women. Both cultures are so contrasting that misunderstandings tend to become common.

Before South America mainly became a Spanish and Portuguese-speaking region, it was composed of an ancient civilization that is considered one of the world’s oldest. Despite living centuries ago, these people had a culture, and more importantly, a society that was built on equality.

While men have a slightly higher status than women, women are not deprived of their rights. Goddesses, such as the Aztec goddess Tonantzin, were even part of these ancient civilizations — proof that women were considered at par with men.

So what does all of this have to do with dating Colombian women?

For one, it’s important to learn and understand their roots – their culture. Learning their culture is an effective way to learn more about them, which will in turn give you a better understanding of how dating works with them.

Still, even with the proper amount of knowledge, mistakes are not uncommon. Things can easily go sour if you don’t know the real purpose of dating, which is to get to know someone better despite your differences.

Keeping a level head and knowing what mistakes to avoid are essential in developing a successful relationship.

A man kissing the right side of a Colombian woman’s forehead.
Dating a Colombian woman means that the stakes are higher because of your cultural differences.

To avoid failure when it comes to dating women in Colombia, be sure to keep these pointers in mind:

1. Be open minded.

Culture is one of the biggest barriers in terms of cross-cultural relationships. From the term “cross-cultural” itself, you will know right away that your beliefs and traditions aren’t completely the same as that of the Colombian lady you’ll be dating.

Merging such important parts of your daily lives can be challenging, but if you keep an open mind, misunderstandings are more likely to be avoided.

2. Maintain mutual respect.

Respect should always be at the center of your relationship. Whether you are casually dating or in an exclusive relationship, respect will always define the environment that both of you will share. Just because you are both different doesn’t mean there can’t be respect.

3. Compromise.

Neither one of you should be a priority. Always stop to think about how you can complement and treat one another as equals. Failed relationships usually stem from pride, making it hard to compromise. Knowing how to give and take is key to having a balanced relationship.

4. Be truthful.

Honesty is always the best policy. Try to keep yourselves open to each other and refrain from keeping secrets. If there are any skeletons in your closet, it is best that you let your partner know early on to see if she will still be willing to accept you. Doing so as early as possible saves you the hurt when she finds out only after you’ve grown attached to one another.

5. Be a good listener.

Latin women are not known to be shy. They will speak their minds and let you know how they feel. Make sure to be all ears when a Colombian woman is talking to you, and let her know that her personal opinions matter.

6. Keep your Latina fetish to yourself.

That is if you have one. It is never healthy to tell someone that you like to date them just because you have a fetish for their race. It’s a big no-no!

Not only is it creepy, but it is also a big turn-off for women everywhere. Avoid telling your Colombian date that you have a thing for Latinas, or that you have dated several Latinas in the past. It’s a dead giveaway that you have a race fetish. If you happen to have a Latina fetish, it is best to keep it to yourself.

7. Refrain from being too physical.

There are many ways to assert your dominance, and getting too physical is definitely not the way to go. Nobody likes a man with a heavy hand, and you should very well know that violence against women is a crime in many countries. If you want to assert your dominance, do so in a less physical way.

Dating Colombian Women the Right Way

Avoiding failure is easy if you know what you’re doing, especially now that you know how culture always plays a part in dating and relationships. With this, you’ll find that it’s easier for you to avoid mistakes in the future once you begin courting the woman you’re interested in.

Even with online dating, it is good to keep the aforementioned pointers in mind. They are still applicable when you start meeting Colombian women over the internet. If you want to have a successful cross-cultural relationship, you should begin by knowing how to avoid the causes of failure as early as the dating stage.

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