Dating Colombian Women | Why You Shouldn’t Play the "Bad Guy" Card

A man and woman are cuddling on the rooftop.
Your bad boy persona may attract most women, but not Colombian women.

In our journey to meet women and find love, and to have them love us back, we as men have developed different kinds of approaches. For some reason, a lot of men have resorted to putting on facades and embodying personas just to impress certain women. Of course, other men will tell you that there is no single strategy that will work on every single woman. If you have your own play, hey, to each his own. There may be one approach you are already familiar with, and it’s called the “bad guy” play. This may seem enticing, and perhaps it is for some women, but if you’re aiming to date Colombian women, you may want to rethink this strategy.

You may already be familiar with Colombian women. They’re from the Latin American region, known for their porcelain-like skin, seductive looks, goddess-like figures, and vehement demeanors. Yes, if you’re looking to date a Colombian woman, and perhaps in the future, develop an interest in marrying a Colombian woman, then be sure to avoid using the “bad guy” approach. Here are some reasons why:

You wouldn’t want to anger them unnecessarily.

Sure, there are certain appeals to the “bad guy” approach, but you should never do it to a woman whose personality is already a conduit to fire. You wouldn’t want to fight fire with fire. So don’t risk angering a Colombian woman unnecessarily.

They will be able to see through you.

If you’re playing this card simply because you want to try a certain approach to get a Latina to like you, and it really isn’t who you are deep inside, then she will be able to see through it. She will see through your mask and call you out on it. If you really want to know how to meet women in Colombia, you might as well act genuinely from the get-go.

They’ve already had their fair share of “bad guys”.

A lot of Colombian women have already dated men with the “bad guy” persona and a vast majority of them disliked it. If you want a woman who wants to settle down with you in the future, show her that you are genuine, secure, and good-hearted.

A successful man is more attractive than the “bad guy” look.

Best believe that Colombian women are strong women indeed. And to most of them, a man playing the bad guy image doesn’t amount to anything anymore. For them, a successful man is more appealing. A man who can put food on the table is more attractive than a man who’s trying to be someone he’s not, just so he can impress women.

The characteristics of a Colombian woman, one who is mature and ready to fall in love and settle down, include wanting to be with someone stable instead of being with someone chaotic. Being a “bad guy” is an indication of chaos. If you really want to be with a Colombian woman, just be yourself. Be genuine. Develop the charisma of a gentleman and the confidence of a mature man. That is what really matters in the real world.

Now that you are aware of this, it’s about time you meet Colombian women and find one whom you’d like to establish a meaningful relationship with. Once you do, make sure you remember everything you’ve read here. All you have to do now is sign up on our site and start meeting beautiful Latinas for love!

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