Cultural Differences to Expect Dating Colombian Women

A Colombian flag
Dating Colombian women means having to encounter the local culture

More than a few guys want to date Colombian women. The problem lies in that not all of those men are Colombian, which means that a lot of subtleties that are inherent to Colombian culture can be lost on them. So a lot of guys who try their hand at dating them end up floundering because they make a mistake or fumble their words.

Cultural subtleties can be tricky to navigate. Even the best free online dating sites won’t always have a section to help their users out with these subtleties. Some of them will have sections about the general area and some things that a guy needs to know, but the day-to-day minutiae of everyday life can get lost.

This is because that minutiae is something that weaves its way into people’s lives without them knowing, things that they pick up from their families and the people around them. Not exactly the kind of thing that can be easily observed and recorded by an outsider.

Sometimes, even the locals won’t know to make a note of them. To them, these details are so normal and mundane that they don’t feel like it’s anything out of the ordinary.

Cultural differences are to be expected when dating someone from a different country. Take two blank slates and drop them into two different art studios and they’ll end up becoming two different works of art.

People are a lot like that. Two identical people raised in two different environments will be shaped by those environments. Those two people will have their differences, but they can still forge a relationship despite those differences.

The Obvious Differences

Speech is going to be the very first obstacle any visitor will meet. The main language in Colombia is Spanish. When dating Colombian women, knowing a bit of Spanish is going to make a world of difference with the ease by which you go about. It doesn’t matter if you sound awkward, your date will appreciate the effort.

A woman smiling at the camera
The women of Latin America can bring sunshine to any man’s heart.

Communication is a cornerstone of any healthy relationship. Language barriers get in the way of that by making it nearly impossible for two people to understand each other. The lack of understanding is exactly the kind of thing that can tear a relationship apart no matter how much two people love each other.

Another obvious difference is in religion. Colombia, like the rest of Latin America and many former components of the Spanish Empire, is predominantly Roman Catholic. While Catholicism is the single largest sect of Christianity in the world, it’s far from the world’s only religion.

Colombia has many beautiful women and religion is a huge facet of their lives because of how pervasive it is. Any guy who meets those women on dating sites for singles should understand if Colombian women are a little more reserved than he’s used to because of the tenets of the religion to which she adheres.

This conservatism can also extend to online dating. The perception of online dating can be less than positive, so a guy who meets a Colombian woman that way may have to work extra hard to win over her family.

These differences can be overcome. The methods to overcome them are simple, but the execution of those methods is a lot harder.

The language barrier can be overcome by learning Spanish. Many high schools across the United States offer Spanish as a language elective and there are also many courses available for people who are not high school students.

The difference in religion can be a lot harder to overcome. But there are many couples who come from separate religions and coexist within the same household so long as no one gets too preachy.

The Less Obvious Differences

Time is an invaluable resource. Unfortunately, it’s also a finite one. When it runs out and is expended, it can’t be renewed like electricity or recycled like water. When it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

People in Colombia can be somewhat lax when it comes to time. When they say that they’ll do something in the future, they won’t be concrete about it. Their definition of the future can be nebulous, so a guy who likes for things to be concrete and defined may have a hard time reconciling with that.

A yellow clock tower
Time can be a variable thing when dating Colombian women

Plans can change at the drop of a hat. Even if a guy makes a plan to meet a girl at a certain place and time, she can change her mind and they can decide to meet at a different place at a different time.

Another difference is in family life. In the United States, the common practice is for someone to move out when they go to college, live on campus for their four-year tenure, and then move into an apartment either by themselves or with platonic roommates or a partner.

That’s not the case in Colombia. It’s not uncommon for adults to live with their parents well into adulthood.

This familial attachment also extends to dating. In the United States, people generally date for a while, a few months to a year, before they even begin to talk about meeting each other’s families.

This is not the case in Colombia. People take their partners to meet their families much earlier in the relationship. A guy who comes to Colombia to date a woman there may end up meeting her family before the end of his trip.

The people of Colombia are also generally very positive. They look on the bright side of things and make it a point to be happy.

An outsider may find this positivity to be either jarring or even grating, but it’s part and parcel of the Colombian people, the women included.

Differences Not Dealbreakers

Thousands of romantic relationships begin and end every single day. At any given moment, someone meets the love of their life. In many cases, those two people are so similar that they’re hard to tell apart. In other cases, they’re so distinct that it’s a miracle they see anything they like in one another.

Love isn’t about being the exact same person as your partner. It’s about being the right person. If that means being the total opposite, then that’s what it means. Colombian women may be different because of the circumstances in which they grew up, but those differences are not dealbreakers.

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