Dating a Latina | 5 Ways to Make Your LDR With a Latina Work

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With the uncertainty of everything, can a long distance relationship work?

We as humans yearn for love. As odd as it sounds, we seem to be genetically hardwired to look for our other half. Every one of us has a different way of looking for our own love. Some go to bars, malls, coffee shops, some ask peers and relatives for a blind date, some go online, some actually travel. Unfortunately, not a lot of people have the luxury of time to actually travel to foreign countries themselves. A lot of men wish on dating a Latina from Colombia but can’t actually fly there due to personal and professional commitments or other matters. This is where online dating comes in.

Many men turn to online dating when they want to date foreign women but can’t travel to a foreign country. Not yet anyway. This long-distance relationship can be more difficult to deal with than other forms of relationships. But it works so long as you know how to handle it. So, if you are aiming at marrying a Colombian woman eventually and are currently dating one through online means, here are the things that you should do to make your relationship work.

Keep on communicating, but never force it.

While it’s important to always keep your communication lines open, it’s also equally important not to force the issue either. The key is consistent and not constant communication.

If you constantly keep in touch merely for the sake of keeping in touch, the tendency is that you might end up talking about trivial matters that will turn your chemistry cold.

Send them gifts when you can.

Show that you care and are constantly thinking about her in the form of sent gifts. Letters, mementos, things she loves about your country, a cute picture of you, anything that is thoughtful will do.

Remind yourself why you are in it.

When engaged in an international, long-distance affair, you constantly have to remind yourself why you are in it. You have to remind yourself that the woman you’re dating who’s on the other side of the world is the one you are going to eventually marry.

You need to keep these things in mind in order to avoid the temptations that are nearby. A long-distance relationship has a very satisfying payoff if you make it work. You can make it work. It’ll be worth it in the end.

Keep things around you that remind you of her.

You can keep a picture of her as a wallpaper on your phone, or put a picture of her in your wallet, and even a gift that she sent you if there’s any.

Do not wait too long to finally see her.

Eventually, you are going to have to get yourself on a plane and fly to her. Do not wait too long to do this. While that flame is still burning bright, make it burn even brighter by being close to her. Finally, see her in person. Hold her. Look her in the eye instead of through a piece of machine. Kiss her.

All things considered, long-distance relationships require a certain level of faith, commitment, and patience. Luckily though, Latina women are one of the most loyal partners a man can have, so try to reciprocate her faithfulness and loyalty. Eventually, you will realize the characteristics of a Colombian woman that makes her an ideal bride. She will be your bride. And everything will be incredibly worth it.

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