How Self-Responsibility Attracts Women — 3 Steps

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Women want a leader. Make that leader you! Although we live in an international and progressive world, we cannot imagine supporting someone incapable of guiding a nation or private institution on a common destiny or goal.

Lead yourself first. We do not live in a world where we can buy trust or goodwill directly with money. In this sense, you must become money itself. You must become the trust that makes your family accept your decisions, move power to you within your line of work, votes of trust in your community, and the trust of your soon-to-be-wife that says yes to marriage — and it starts with you.

But how do I do that? How do I gain the favor of those around me, and by extension, a lover in the process and eventually a wife?

It’s simple. You need to take responsibility for yourself. Let’s explore how you can claim yourself and boost your appeal in the process:

Find your focus in life.

Every great man needs direction. Bill Gates was guided by information technology, and Andrew Carnegie built a steel empire in his day. What is common in each of these accomplished men was that they had chosen or lived into their focus.

A focus allows you to self-correct. It is difficult to focus on two masters. If you choose cuisine, anything that prevents you from making the best dishes has no place in your life. If you’re a salesman, you continue improving your sales technique and strategies to make the sale. If you’re not increasing numerically, you find ways to shift gears.

You don’t blame it on the outside world. If you find that your drive isn’t where it is anymore, take control of your life and move on elsewhere. Sometimes we are mistaken in our decisions and that is okay. We aren’t perfect, but the mistake is letting other people decide who they want you to focus on.

If that happens, forget them. It will kill your chances of finding your focus and a woman who will want to give their all to a man with that strong, independent mind.

Act upon your focus.

“Well done is better than well said.” - Benjamin Franklin

Don’t just decide and not do anything. In deciding life whether it involves your family, your friendships, or your focus, the worst decision is not having a decision.

If you cannot act, even upon a wrong decision, how can you be trusted in making the right decision? This is bad for your family, your friendships, and your employment or business.

You won’t get respect among your family and friends no matter how good your thinking is if you don’t do something. It certainly won’t help approval by your superiors or your investors if you cannot make a decision.

Women want a decisive man. It’s the same idea. This is especially the case when it comes to love and what makes romantic films or streaming series so entertaining. The build-up to romance is fun, but nothing is more irritating than seeing a man who keeps oscillating between his commitments.

This is why you should prioritize action over talk since talk is cheap.

Share your Results

A man who gives is loved by all. Whether you do so out of seeming politeness or charity doesn’t matter. The fact that you did it at all is what counts. Sharing what you’ve won is a good gesture that wins the hearts of everyone around you.

Financing events with your time and a little get-together go a long way with your family. Sharing your talents beyond the conditions of your contract will win the support and respect of even your fiercest critics and enemies. This can only happen because you spent the time and painful effort to hone yourself in on what you do best. It’s what makes you, you.

And this is why you will get the girl.

Women want a great man.

Great men are built. He knows what he wants. He scrapes through the pain and mud to get it. When he gets it, he has the charity in his heart to share what he has. These are all traits that all men, especially women, want to see in their man.

What’s nice about this is that it’s your choice. Before you win the hearts of the women around you, you need to win the hearts of those immediately next to you. If you want to court a woman’s heart, court your own heart first. If your love interest ever rejects you, you have already won yourself. So who needs her? Find a woman who properly deserves you. Get started now.

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