How to Successfully Date a Colombian Woman on National Lovers Day

With advanced technology today, it’s highly possible to meet a real Colombian beauty on a foreign dating website. You might find yourself drawn toward the allure of a Colombian woman.

And quite frankly, what’s not to love? According to various online sources, most Colombian women are very attractive with a penchant for building strong family values around their partners.

Something a lot of Western men find highly appealing. It’s no wonder they would like to marry them - or have the experience of dating one.

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Lovers Day Holiday could be the day she officially becomes your girlfriend.

So if you’ve managed to get a Colombian date this April, then make sure to clear your schedule on Saturday, April 23rd, 2022.

“Why is that?” You might wonder.

That’s because April 23 is National Lovers Day.

Although the details of its origin are a bit vague, some believe it’s an unofficial holiday based on St. George’s Day which also falls on the same date.

But there’s never too much or too little love to be celebrated around the world, right? Take the holiday as a chance to make your Colombian date a huge success.

Take the Lead

“You’re not really a man if you don’t take the lead” is something you might have heard several times when it comes to dating advice for men.

And naturally, there is a kernel of truth to this.

The only problem is that some men misunderstand what that advice really means. For them, it means acting domineering or overly aggressive in their relationships.

Some young women might enjoy this, but many adult women do not - and that includes Colombian women. In fact, studies show that adult women are more likely to want a husband that is her equivalent or better. Being a natural egalitarian is perhaps one of the characteristics of a Colombian woman.

So it’s important to review your ability to take the lead in a relationship. That means to be confident but not arrogant.

You’ll get more success with dating a Colombian woman when you are confident and taking the lead in your relationship.

Treat Them Like a Lady

Even though it’s already 2022, it’s still nice to treat the Colombian woman you’re dating like a lady.

Some even expect you to behave like a gentleman such as picking them up before a date or paying for dinner.

Many Colombian ladies appreciate men who know how to treat them like a lady. They also expect you to flirt with them and show your natural charm.

Nothing makes a Colombian woman’s heart beat faster than a man who knows how to be charming too.

Use Your Best Moves on the Dance Floor

If dancing is your thing, then show your best moves on the dance floor. Several Colombian women were raised on Latin music and dance - making them natural dancers on the party floor.

Once they see how well you can dance and move your body, they’ll be sure to catch interest in you. Because many Colombian women love to challenge men to see if they can match their energy.

But hey, even if you’ve got two left feet, you can still consider giving Latin dancing a try. Some Colombian women might think you’re great for at least making the effort.

Either way, you’ll still win major points for your initiative.

Make Them Laugh With Good Jokes

Don’t bother with the Pablo Escobar jokes or reference any bad Colombian clichés. It’s in poor taste. It also shows your lack of knowledge about the reality of their situation at the time.

Instead, focus more on their traditional culture, their food, and the beautiful scenery of their country. You can also use good jokes you’ve heard about recently.

Even better, take your Colombian date out to a comedy club and spend the night being entertained by professional comedians.

Share good laughs together. A smile and a good dose of humor always work wonders in making a good impression.

Learn What’s Important to Them in a Relationship

Whether or not you don’t marry a Colombian woman, one important chore you need to check off your dating list is learning what’s important to them in a relationship. Especially if you’re looking for potential lifetime partners.

It’s also a good way to figure out their expectations from the relationship. If they’re also thinking about marriage, then it could be a perfect opportunity to compare notes and see if the details in your relationship goals align perfectly.

What do they value in a relationship? Family? Friendship? Love? Or are they looking for a casual relationship? Someone to temporarily spend their time with while they focus on their career and financial prospects.

Cross out this chore early on in the relationship so you can save you a lot of time and effort down the line.

How To Make Your Colombian Lady Say “Yes” To Being Your Girlfriend

Let’s say the date went fantastic. You both had a great time and you’ve got a handle on what her personality is like. It’s not bad, you think to yourself. You can already imagine being in an exclusive relationship with her.

But your only concern is - does she feel the same?

Dating a woman from a different country and culture can sometimes feel like coming from different worlds.

Not only do you have to adjust to practicing her country’s dating etiquette, you also need to be mindful of your own country’s dating etiquette - if it’s seen as rude or not.

One of the main reasons interracial couples end up breaking off their relationship is cultural misunderstandings.

latin woman hand on chin
Many Western men find themselves drawn toward the characteristics of a Colombian woman.

So for you to make sure the relationship lasts for a long time and for her to say yes to being your girlfriend, here’s what you need to do:

  • Shower her with compliments.

  • Take a genuine interest in her social life.

  • Be direct with your feelings.

  • Learn about her culture and history.

  • Treat her with respect.

Getting the timing right and making her say yes to being your girlfriend on the Lovers Day holiday can only make your relationship even more special and meaningful.

So act now! Your happiness and relationship journey is at hand.

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