Making Christmas Romantic with a Colombian Woman

Christmas tune in the background, a cup of hot chocolate in your hand, and the faint crackling of firewood in the hearth. You pull your jacket closer to your body, truly satisfied by this moment of peace.

Maybe you think this is the ideal way of celebrating Christmas.

With the holidays fast approaching, you must have browsed over itineraries while making tentative plans of how you’re going to commemorate the most awaited time of the year.

But for a man like you who has spent decades celebrating the yuletide season, is there any way to have a merrier and perhaps a more romantic Christmas?

A couple wrapping gifts together.
If making Christmas romantic is the first on your wishlist, roll up your sleeves for some of these activities!

‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly — and Romantic!

Did you know that there’s no better way to celebrate Christmas than with a Colombian woman?

If you’re feeling a little adventurous this year, why not fly to the gateway of South America and get a feel of Colombian Christmas.

Their holidays are all about family, culture and traditions, and a whole lot of good food that gives you a taste of heaven.

Because everyone feels the happiest during the holidays, it is a great time for couples like you to bond and create new memories, as the holiday atmosphere adds up to the warmth you’re feeling in your hearts.

This holiday season, make sure you don’t miss out on the Christmas romance that awaits you and your Colombian girlfriend.

Why You Should Spend Christmas in Colombia This Year

Colombians have high regard for the holiday. For them, it is a celebration of faith, gratitude, and love. No Christmas is perfect without the presence of their families and loved ones around.

Approximately 90% of the people in the country celebrate the yuletide season. You will hardly see empty and quiet streets when it’s December in Colombia. In contrast, anticipate lively music, dancing, never-ending parties, and Christmas carols.

Christmas in Colombia officially starts on the 7th of December and ends on the 6th day of January, lasting for at least a month! We all know how much they love to celebrate. They will take any excuse to party with friends and family.

For some eager Colombians, decorations and Christmas lights are up as early as October. Families will have their arbolito de navidad (Christmas tree) and el pesebre (nativity scene) on display.

And because it’s a festive season, you can’t leave out the booze. During December, around 74 million bottles of aguardiente are sold, together with at least 42 million bottles of rum. Forget Octoberfest and come party in Colombia this Yuletide season. You’re in for a holiday treat.

Celebrating Your Love During the Season of Happiness

Making Christmas romantic doesn’t have to feel like work, and it’s not a matter you need to overthink to achieve perfection. Regardless of what you do and where you are, a woman who loves you truly won’t mind at all.

A heart-shaped candy cane.
If you think you've had the happiest holiday ever, wait until you get to celebrate Colombian Christmas.

If you want to give yourselves a memorable Christmas, take inspiration from these fun date ideas for the holidays:

  1. Ribbons, Gift Wrap, and Her

    If you think shopping for traditional Colombian Christmas gifts is tiresome, wait until you have to wrap gifts. No one wants to get their hands bound in tape while trying to make that perfect bow, and it’s a struggle to get all the creases straight.

    Nonetheless, you can always make it fun when you do it together. The activity will be enjoyable, and it will help you become more efficient, saving you a lot of time.

    While you’re at it, feel free to share a bottle of wine or a platter of candies.

  2. Snow, Ice, and Skates

    This Christmas, it’s time to cross out one item on your bucket list.

    Go hand-in-hand as you glide your way through the rink. Make the moment unforgettable by sealing the night with a kiss.

  3. Cocktails, Booze, and Hot Chocolate

    Women in Colombia would love to share a holiday drink with you.

    Make your Christmas exciting by getting creative and making your own holiday mixes with some of the most delectable seasonal ingredients. Choose how you like your drinks — hot or cold, and share them during family dinners and even at parties.

  4. Cakes, Café, and Catching Up

    With all of the holiday hype keeping you occupied, you need to make time for one another in between the holiday rush. Have a quick meet-up, go to a cafe and have cake or coffee. Update each other on your activities.

    A couple cuddling beside the Christmas tree.
    There are tons of things you can do to have a romantic Christmas with women in Colombia!

    Talk about your recent trips, the gifts you received, and even your holiday wishes. Other than having meaningful conversations, you can also spend this time reading books, drawing, and painting with each other.

  5. Midnight, Moonlight, and Warm hands

    City lights can be beautiful, but nothing is as mesmerizing as twinkling lights on cold winter nights.

    Take this calm and peaceful moment to take her out on a walk, gaze upon the stars, and feel the holiday spirit even more. Relish the decorative Christmas lights and trimmings as you make your way through the streets under the moon.

  6. Pillows, Kisses, and Fireplace

    Not all date nights need much planning. Sometimes, the spontaneous ones end up being the most meaningful.

    You don’t necessarily have to be over the top if you want to make your partner happy. After all, a quiet Christmas night together is simply what you need.

  7. Oil, Incense, and Massages

    The hustle and bustle during the yuletide season can surely stress you out. Take a break from the holiday festivities and go to a spa with her.

    On the plus side, this blissful retreat allows you and her to recharge and take your mind off everything for a while.

One fascinating thing about the yuletide season is how it emphasizes giving love and caring for others, especially towards the people close to your heart. It is the time of year when you feel most thankful for having them around.

Think of it as a Christmas gift for your Colombian girlfriend, she’ll jump out of joy at the thought of seeing her family and friends back home.

If you don’t have one, you can find one online.

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