Useful Tips on Dating a Colombian Woman

dating a colombian woman

Your curiosity about Colombian women led you to a dating website.

You were just doing your usual thing on the internet. You landed on the site, and the first few images made you decide to look through the other profile pictures. The photos captivated you. You cycle through them and read the biodata.

As you cycle through them, a particular profile captures your interest deeper than the rest. You think, “I want to talk to her.” But in a split second, another thought comes in: “I don’t know Spanish and I don’t know how to be charming.”

Your thoughts begin to multiply.

“Even if I knew Spanish, what kind of man would a woman like her desire?” “There must be hundreds of men sending her messages, so how would my messages make any difference?” Eventually, your thoughts attempt to dissuade you from even trying, and you consider moving away from the site.

There’s news for you. Dating a Colombian woman isn’t difficult. Yes, you will need to learn some cultural aspects and eventually the language. However, it is all worth it. Close your eyes and imagine yourself on a boat cruising down the shoreline on one of the many beaches near the major port city of Barranquilla.

dating a colombian woman

Just like this couple, it’s not impossible to find love with a Colombian woman.

If you have a healthy respect for women and are open to other cultures, then any man such as yourself has a chance to find that one woman that will capture your very being. Is it guaranteed? No. However, if you don’t try, you will certainly have zero chance of finding love and in the end a fulfilling marriage.

Here are some tips to help you take one step closer to getting to know and date a Colombian woman.

Get used to expressing your emotions.

Colombian women are expressive. They are compassionate and affectionate with their lovers. Being reserved in your relationship will be a bit awkward for them because they are used to being around passionate people. If you’re shy, it’s fine to express it and she can take the lead while you warm up your comfort levels.

Join in on the music, dance, and celebrations.

If there is a reason to celebrate, there will be music playing and dancing in the streets. It’s just one of the ways Colombians communicate their joy and happiness. If there isn’t a celebration during the day or evening, then it’s time to put on your dancing shoes. Whether it’s at the bar, the club, or the restaurant it will be a part of your daily life.

Consider learning some basic Salsa steps. You just might be a natural at it.

Care for her family is a core value.

In Western culture, family may or may not be important. What counts is the individuals and if the happiness of the individuals necessitates leaving the family, then they go their separate ways.

In Colombian culture, family is the individual’s happiness. It doesn’t just stop with immediate family members. Any Colombian will know the lives of every member of their family in more detail than most Western people and their families.

If ever you take the next step and are considering a long-term relationship, you won’t be in a relationship with just her. You will be in a relationship with her family and they will be sure to care for you in even the slightest hardship.

Spend the effort to learn the language and the country.

Speaking the language even if Buenos Dias is all you know is better than zero effort. The more you learn about her, the closer you will become. If she puts in the same effort to learn English, it’s a good sign you found a great woman.

Don’t worry about the initial meetings since translation apps and services are always available. But learning Spanish will give you a ton of leverage in your courtship.

You will also win her appreciation if you share some aspects of the country you studied and found appealing. It could be about the food, its natural parks, its coffee industry, or some historical events that you find interesting. If you know the province where she’s from, it might charm her if you knew some traditions or yearly celebrations of her hometown.

If you want to charm a Colombian woman, learn more about her culture.

Nothing is more appreciated. Even a cynic deep down will still love the land and history that he or she was born on. The same goes for you and her. So if you want to win her heart, learning about her and her culture will spell wonders in her eyes for you.

There are a lot of tips and suggestions mentioned, but the most important one of them all is to strike out and say hola to that lady that charmed your heart today.

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