How Marrying Colombian Women Affects Foreign Men

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Colombian women have more to offer than their beautiful faces.

Around the globe, Colombian women are known to be goddesses. They are undeniably beautiful and attractive with a never-ending supply of positive energy. No wonder men from foreign countries flock to the cities of Colombia and meet women in an attempt to find love.

If you’re one of those people in search of a Colombian wife, take note, there’s more to them than just their outer appearances. Behind their beauty lies strong cultural values and a personality that can definitely affect your life once you get married to them.

But don’t be intimidated, these are just a few qualities that will make married life with them either more amazing or challenging. Though that’s the whole deal when it comes to marriage, you have to accept the other person as a whole—the good, the bad, and everything in between.

With foreign men flocking to online dating apps in order to meet women in Colombia, misconceptions can arise. Sometimes men mistake a dating service for a Colombian mail order brides dating website.

Despite popular opinion, most Colombian dating sites are simply filled with Latinas interested in finding what eludes them domestically, true lasting love. Few want an escape to the United States. Most Latinas are content to remain in Colombia. Keep this in mind before you ever start dating women in Colombia.

Married Life With A Colombian Wife

Long term relationships between cultures carry many challenges. When two people coming from two different parts of the world with different sets of cultures and traditions get together, there’s bound to be misunderstandings between them.

Potential partners need to learn patience to communicate well. Good communication will grow any relationship. The same applies when marrying a Colombian.

Colombia is known to be a traditional country. Even when dating Colombian women, men will need to follow the country’s traditional set of values. These values are deeply embedded in Latin culture and have helped shape Colombian ladies since birth. When you marry a Colombian, in a way, you also marry their culture.

Generally, women in Colombia are known to possess unique qualities. In a few ways, these qualities will come to affect your married life. You can either take them as positive or negative challenges.

This will be especially true while living everyday life with your beautiful Colombian spouse. Below are some characteristics of a Colombian woman.

Colombian Women are Romantics

Latina women are showy when it comes to their emotions. You know they love you because they openly show you that they do. They tend to express their love both in a verbal and non-verbal way.

There’s some “I love you’s” here and there, but their actions speak more volume indicating that they truly treasure you. Moreso, it’s quite refreshing how direct they can be when they want affection from you.

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Marrying Colombian women means keeping up with their romantic energy.

Just be prepared to drop what you’re doing and spend time loving up your wife. They like to touch excessively, so you’ll often find yourself kissing and hugging whenever you’re together. You need to get used to public displays of affection and leave behind your shy nature. Here’s a dating tip if you want to make her feel extra special, look up ideal gifts for a Colombian woman and she’ll surely be surprised.

Women from Colombia Remain Active

If you’re wondering why most Latina women are physically fit and have all the right curves in their bodies, it’s because they are always in motion. They need to be constantly stimulated. Women from Colombia cannot be expected to remain still for too long. They get bored easily so they are always finding activities to do.

You’ll often find yourself doing physical activities with your Latina wife like jogging, biking, or dancing. There might be days when she’s feeling adventurous and will persuade you to go mountain climbing or bungee jumping. One thing’s for sure, there’s never a dull day with her; just remember to do some stretching before engaging in any type of physical exercise.

Latinas Rarely Hold Back Their True Feelings

Brace yourself. Like all other women in the world, Latinas also get emotional. But unlike most women, dealing with an emotional Colombian woman can be deadly.

They can be loud and fierce when expressing their frustrations. Latinas rarely hold back their true feelings. On a positive note, they are quite direct; hence, there is no need to play the guessing game. Instead, they will directly tell you what made them upset.

Colombian Women Value Honesty Above Everything

Never lie to a Colombian woman, especially if she’s your wife. If you do, she’ll know and will definitely be disappointed in you. Trust is the foundation for a long-lasting marriage. Once it’s broken, it can be hard to repair.

Know that she would be willing to sacrifice so much for you, so the least you could do is stay honest and faithful to her.

Loyalty Means Everything in Colombia

She will be loyal to you and she will expect you to be loyal to her as well. A typical Colombian girl takes fidelity seriously. Once married, the loyalty of your Colombian wife will be unquestionable. She will forever be by your side no matter what happens.

These women are known to be faithful to their partners and will stick by them through thick and thin. In return, Latinas expect their life partner to return their loyalty and faithfulness.

Women from Colombia Are Very Close with Family

Most Latin American countries value family. Even when they leave their nest and get married, their strong ties with their families remain. If you’re currently dating a Colombian woman and plan on marrying her, expect to be part of a big family. Colombians are very hospitable and will welcome you to the family with open arms.

Marriage to a Colombian can definitely affect your life. You get to experience living with someone from a different culture and you get to learn in the process. There will be learning curves along the way, but as long as you both remain respectful of each other’s culture … a happy life is not impossible.

Finding Happiness with Your Colombian Bride

International marriage has its own set of challenges when compared to regular marriages. It is a union between two people from different cultural backgrounds—often with different languages, religions, and races. Couples also need to respect each other’s differences, educate yourselves in each other’s cultures, have patience when dealing with each other, and learn to be tolerant with one another.

Remember that nothing worth it ever comes easy. It’s only a matter of knowing whether she’s worth it; and Colombian women are definitely worth the effort, difficulty, and sacrifice. Marriage in Colombian culture is considered sacred, so if you ever end up being married to a Colombian woman, consider yourself a lucky man.

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