Colombian Love Hunt | Best Places To Meet Women in Barranquilla

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Explore the beautiful city of Barranquilla and meet women with genuine personalities.

Barranquilla, Colombia is one of the friendliest cities in Latin America. As soon as you step foot on the city, the people will greet you with bright faces and genuine smiles. This is probably because not that many tourists flock to the city, except during Barranquilla’s Festival, and they feel grateful whenever some visit outside the festival days. This is a shame, however, because Barranquilla is a beautiful country that is flourishing with Colombian culture and filled with lovely people.

In Barranquilla, you are more likely to find a date during the day than the night. The day-dating game in Barranquilla is super active. From parks to malls, you are likely to find someone who will respond to your approaches. With that said, here are some of the best places to meet singles in Barranquilla, Colombia.

  • Amira De La Rosa Theater
  • The Amira De La Rosa is one of the most modern architectures in all of Barranquilla. All year round, theater plays, art shows, concerts, and films. This theater is a source of entertainment and cultural information for both locals and tourists, which means it is a site to meet people in the city. It is named after Amira De La Rosa, a Colombian poet, author, and dramatist. She is best known for composing the Barranquilla Anthem.

  • Gran Malecón Puerta De Oro
  • This site is located alongside the Magdalena River and provides one of the best views in the city. This place allows you to enjoy a panoramic view of the Magdalena river backed by the wonderful sunset of Colombia. Despite its scenic value, not too many people come around the place, making it even more relaxing, peaceful, and perfect for meeting Colombian women.

  • Centro Comercial Buenavista
  • This mall is one of the cleanest, most convenient, and most traveler-friendly malls in Colombia. Almost everything you need while in Barranquilla, you’ll find here. Considered to be one of the fancier malls in the city, people with exquisite and elegant preference prefer shopping here so meeting someone professional should not be that uncommon in a place like this.

  • Carnaval De Barranquilla
  • Not exactly a place, but an event. This Carnaval is the biggest in all of Colombia, even the second biggest in the world. Held four days before Ash Wednesday, people from all over Colombia and all around the world fly to Barranquilla just to be a part of this massive event. To be surrounded by people of all walks of life, of all cultural inclinations, and a lively atmosphere, this is by far the best way, place, and time to find love in the city of Barranquilla.

These are some examples of where to meet women in Barranquilla. Remember, you can still meet women while partying in Barranquilla, although you should probably also remember that the nightlife in Barranquilla is not that active. You are better off approaching them in these places. It shows genuine intentions and courage. Of course, you can also opt for online dating as many Barranquilla singles are seeking men with genuine intentions. Whichever it is you choose, you’ll end up happy and satisfied being together with a Barranquilla woman.

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