Creating Memorable Moments Dating in Barranquilla Colombia

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Dating Colombian women is an adventure in itself. Get to know the vibrant personalities of these ladies!

Thinking about where to go on your next date? Or how about your next weekend getaway? Wondering where the best places are in Barranquilla Colombia?

Most people give a lot of thought to the places they are going to visit, especially those who are in relationships. Dating Colombian women is as exciting as always, and you'll get to think about the places you haven’t been to before, things that you are yet to try, foods that you have been wanting to taste, and the list goes on.

There can be numerous things you can do with your partner. Now that you have progressed from online dating to going on one date after another, your activities together have now increased. So how do you decide?

Is it better to go somewhere that is quiet and peaceful? Or somewhere that is upbeat and lively? The choices never end for this, and you may end up staying home instead.

Although some Latina women may want dates to be spontaneous and sincere, there is still nothing wrong with planning ahead. In fact, this would even help you more in preparing for how much you may be willing to spend on a trip, or just how many days you can be with your lady. To keep you guided in making the best decisions, below are some important points to remember.

Barranquilla Colombia is known to be the fourth largest city in the country. It is home to one of the most significant cultural festivals, like the famous Carnival of Barranquilla. Situated near the Caribbean Sea and on the west bank of the Magdalena River, Barranquilla has a tropical savanna climate.

It is hot all year round, and you can pretty much appreciate the sun all the time. Barranquilla beaches are rampant, so you know you will never run out of options when you feel like going to one. The list below are just some of the best spots and activities that you can do to create memorable moments with your Latina:

  1. 1. Barranquilla’s Carnival (Carnaval de Barranquilla)
  2. Barranquilla takes pride in this festival for its grandeur and fame. It is second to the grand festival in Rio de Janeiro. Everything you see here is colorful, and activities are well-prepared. People, especially the locals, anticipate this event each year by making preparations months ahead.

    You’ll be in awe once you see the Barranquilla carnival costumes that are sure to take your breath away. If you and your partner are in for some exciting new adventure, celebrate this festival, for loud music and enthusiastic activities await. Don't miss the chance to experience the Barranquilla Carnival.

    A couple enjoying the Barranquilla’s carnival.
    Barranquilla’s carnival is an exciting event to have a date with a Colombian woman.
  3. 2. Bocas de Ceniza
  4. This is best for couples who are fond of hiking activities. Under the heat of the sun, you can enjoy an open-air train on the way to the site and continue all the way by walking. Be sure to equip yourself with suitable shoes, sufficient water, and some extra money (for snacks, fares, and other small expenses). It can be hot during the trip, so prepare for such an activity.

  5. 3. Museo del Caribe
  6. If you love culture and history, this is the best place for you. Prepare to be amused by the best museum in town. Here, you get to witness and experience various artifacts, photos, and videos that elaborate the rich culture and biodiversity of the locals, as well as their music, prosperous literature, and the Caribbean as a whole.

  7. 4. Plaza de la Paz
  8. This place tends to be simple on its own. On regular days, people visit here to get themselves some fresh air as they enjoy the palm trees around. The Cathedral, which is situated on one side, can be appreciated at night when it is most beautiful because of its lights. Interestingly, on occasions when an event is celebrated, the place gets lively with the presence of bands, performers, dancers, and people gathering to participate.

  9. 5. Castillo de Salgar
  10. The rich history of the city is best seen here. Castillo de Salgar, a restored Spanish fort built during the 1840s, can be rented out as an event venue for parties and other celebrations. You can also enjoy dining in the fantastic restaurant within the fort. A warm breeze often hugs the area, making it more romantic for you and your lady.

  11. 6. Museo Romantico
  12. Visit another place where the rich history of Barranquilla is showcased. Built in the 18th century, the mansion is situated on an alluring street and houses artifacts previously owned by famous Barranquilla and Colombian locals -- such as clothes, costumes, furniture, musical instruments, paintings, photos, letters, and a whole lot of other things beyond your imagination.

Make The Most Out Of Your Time Together!

Going on dates helps two people get to know each other better. It can strengthen the bond that you already have. Also, you are given the opportunity to see how your partner truly faces the world together with you.

It is the stage wherein you are able to know her best through the things you talk about, the way she behaves in specific places, the way she may carry herself wherever you go, what opinions she has on things that are new to her, and how she sees the people around you.

Look clearly at how she acts and speaks, and use this to make a deeper connection with her. Study her language by the things that you see when you're together. Make this a golden opportunity to make her fall for you more as this has got to be one of the most important aspects of dating.

Make use of the few things that you already know about her and apply them every time you are on a date. Always take note that when dating, there is more to just being together. Instill in your mind that this is the quest of finding your soulmate. If you ever find her, then relive the sparks and love you felt at the start of your relationship.

So get out of the comfort of your home and take your Latina on a memorable date in Barranquilla Colombia!

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