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Barranquilla is relatively distinct compared to the other big cities in the country. Even though it’s among the only four cities that have over a million inhabitants, it remains more reserved compared to the others.

And because it’s located near the Caribbean Ocean, people in the city associate themselves with the beach life. It’s also one of the main things to do in Colombia.

When traveling to Colombia, most people don’t consider Barranquilla as the top choice. Most would rather go to Cali or Bogota. However, Barranquilla should definitely be a top contender as there are so many incredible things you can do here, especially as a single man.

If you’re a bachelor who is hoping to meet beautiful Latina women, you can absolutely do so while having the time of your life in the process of exploring this incredible Caribbean city. The following are four of the best things you can experience in Colombia, particularly in Barranquilla:

  • Be part of the Barranquilla Carnival.
    This carnival is held four days before Ash Wednesday every year. It’s one of the most culturally significant events in Colombia, being the biggest festival in the country, and the second biggest one in the world. As a bachelor, you’ll have a wonderful chance to meet a potential partner as millions of locals and foreigners gather in Barranquilla just to participate in this magical event.
  • Hit the beaches.
    As mentioned, Barranquilla is located close to the Caribbean sea and the life of the island is ever-present all around the city. You can find countless luscious beaches along the shores of Barranquilla, as well as local and foreign women who share the same love and interest for the sun and sea. Surfing and scuba diving are among the ideal and popular things to do here.
  • Dance in clubs.
    The city is alive during the day, but it doesn't die down at all during the night. In fact, it may become even more alive! The nightlife in Barranquilla is incredibly lively and you will have an exponential chance of meeting a single woman while scouring the city’s bars and clubs right after the sun sets. Also, if you’re a fan of Salsa dancing, although it’s not as big here as it is in Cali, it’s still very much celebrated among the people. So be sure to polish those dancing shoes as well as your dance moves if you want to impress the ladies.
  • Explore the parks.
    Aside from beaches and nightclubs, parks are also an ideal location for you to conveniently meet women in Barranquilla. There are also a number of parks that offer amazing views and relaxation. Set a day aside for park visits and enjoy the magnificent panoramic green foliage at Parque Cultural del Caribe or Parque Muvdi, among other places.

Barranquilla is still a major staple when it comes to Colombian tourism, and the people of this city are indeed very welcoming of visitors as well. Their kindness is one of the best things about Colombia.

So, as a bachelor who might end up finding a kind and beautiful woman in an absolutely foreign place, don’t hesitate to give Barranquilla a visit! It’s just one of the many worthwhile things to do in Colombia during your stay.

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