How Approach Anxiety Vanishes When Dating Colombian Women

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If you want to approach a girl in Colombia, here are some helpful tips to consider.

People generally have emotions and these emotions serve a useful purpose. For example, fear is a perfectly rational response to dangerous stimuli and can help a person avoid situations that may not end well for them.

But there is an emotion that is somewhat similar to fear that pops up when a man approaches Colombian women.

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of anxiety, especially when you approach a girl. That apprehension is just your brain realizing how momentous it is to succeed at landing a date on those free online dating sites. It’s not an everyday thing that a man succeeds at finding love on the internet, after all.

But finding love on the internet is generally more than just reading some online dating articles and hoping to be able to put those lessons into action. It is also about managing your emotions.

Sure, people can be a little bit more receptive to emotionally open people, but there’s a difference between being open and letting your emotions get the better of you.

Managing your emotions is an important thing when making an approach and when starting a relationship. But one emotion that must absolutely be kept under control is anxiety, because anxiety can seriously throw a person off their game.

It’s not uncommon to hear sports stars say after a particularly bad game that they couldn’t get started. Many of them will say that they couldn’t get out of their own head. A lot of the time, this is their anxiety messing with their performance and making them miss shots or goals that they would normally be able to make.

Now, if a high-level athlete who is probably more than accustomed to nerves can let said nerves get the better of them every once in a while, how is an ordinary person supposed to keep it under control?

Well, there are actually a fair few ways to manage your nerves should you find yourself in a situation with a Colombian woman, especially if said situation has a decidedly romantic context.

1. Breathe In and Out

There’s a breathing trick that some military personnel apparently use to get their nerves under control. It’s a breathing technique that can apparently help calm the nerves and it is supposed to be pretty effective at helping a person relax.

It goes like this; breathe in through the nose for four seconds, hold for seconds and then exhale for four seconds. If it can work for people in dangerous situations, it may be pretty helpful for someone who is trying to approach Colombian women.

2. Do Something Fun Beforehand

Trying to meet women can be pretty hard on the nerves. But you know what is not hard on the nerves? Doing something that’s pretty fun.

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Even attractive women are impressed by a man with a fun and relaxed demeanor.

Having fun is a great way to calm the nerves. Recreation can make even the most serious situations a little bit more bearable than they would be otherwise. As such, it is important to do something that you consider fun beforehand.

It can be something as simple as listening to a song, watching a movie, or playing a video game. Whatever it is, it can create an endorphin rush in your brain that makes you forget that you’re nervous so that you can go out and approach attractive women. But make sure not to overdo it because you might show up late for your date (or you bail on the date entirely).

3. Focus on Something Innocuous

There is a trick that some people use to manage their nerves and that trick is to focus on a mundane detail. This means that if you approach a woman that you met through online dating, you focus on some tiny detail about her. Maybe you focus on her earrings or her bracelet or some other piece of jewelry.

This works by giving your brain something to focus on other than the possibility of striking out with a beautiful woman. If your brain isn’t thinking about it, then it is not getting in your way, allowing you to be the best version of yourself you can be when you approach women you met on the best free online dating sites.

It doesn’t even have to be something about her. You can focus on basically anything; statistics, your day, etc. Whatever you think about, any topic you focus on trick your brain not to get all anxious and betray you.

Just make sure that the thing you focus on to distract yourself from anxiety isn’t so distracting that you forget that you’re supposed to be approaching beautiful women so as to potentially make one of them your partner.

4. Tire Yourself Out

A great way that many people combat anxiety in general and not just in dating is through exercise. Exercise can create endorphins which can make a person feel good. When you are feeling good, then they won’t have time to be anxious.

Now, a lot of older people have a hard time doing the intense workout that younger people can do with barely any issue. So if you are older, maybe just stick with light walking and maybe some jogging. Even a little light strength training might be advisable with proper consultation beforehand.

5. Write It Out

Lots of people keep journals and a lot of people who keep journals can sometimes find that writing things out, letting their feelings bleed out in ink and paper, can be very beneficial to their overall mood.

You don’t need to have a fancy calligraphy set and a leather-bound notebook to write things out, just a pen and a piece of paper. Writing things out can be great for your nerves.

6. Just Get Nihilistic

Another way to manage anxiety is to get nihilistic about it. This entails recognizing that you are just one person and your love life won’t matter all that much on a greater scale.

Sure, you can get rejected, but the world will move on if you do. So there’s no reason to be all that nervous since there’s nothing bad that will truly happen.

Trying to date Colombian women can be hard on your nerves. But there are a lot of ways that you can soothe them so you can date properly.

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